Business Card Case

Looking to separate yourself from the pack? An all leather card case is that overlooked finishing touch. Made from a 100% American leather, sewn with our signature blue nylon thread and finished with hand painted edges—it’s the best way to carry around business cards or credit cards. This can also be used as a minimalist front pocket wallet. Monogramming available, please checkout and a Blue Claw representative will call you, or you can call us (848) 228-2529.

Our leather is the real deal; we don't artificially soften it in the manufacturing process. Upon arrival, the leather will have a firm hand and will soften over time as the natural oils begin to work their way into the leather and from day to day use. Ultimately, you will be left with a great patina and a product that is truly your own. Don't settle.

Blue Claw made in America

All Blue Claw Co. bags are proudly designed and manufactured by hand in the United States of America.