What to Put in your Dopp Kit...

What to Put in your Dopp Kit...

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Because you've got style, you probably have a dopp kit that's stylish too. Or maybe not. If not, click here. But if so, your style should not stop there. Here are our recommendations on what to put in your grooming kit-- because what goes into your dopp should be just as stylish as you are.

1) Dr. Squatch Bar Soap:  Made from all-natural ingredients. That means no harmful chemicals. This soap works! And smells great! We're obsessed with nautical sage.

2) Gold Bond Body Powder:  If you commonly sweat during the day, or live in a region that's humid, Gold Bond is a must! And nothing wakes a man quicker in the morning and prepares him for the day like a quick shot of Gold Bond to those private areas prone to sweating and chafing. Don't be stingy, get the extra strength. 

3) Burt's Bees Lip Balm:  Conditions and moisturizes your lips. And it's made from a bunch of natural ingredients. Not a bunch of chemicals. When you need it you NEED it, and you'll be dang glad you have it.

4) Every Man Jack Deodorant:  Naturally derived and long lasting protection. Masculine scents that smell great. We've found that all-natural deodorant limits, if not eliminates that nasty yellow film build-up you see on the armpits of your favorite shirts. Stop clogging your pores with chemicals. The results will be astonishing. Travel size available.

5) Marvis Mint Toothpaste:  A toothpaste that'll leave a guaranteed minty fresh taste in your mouth. It provides an exquisite sensation that transforms a simple daily gesture into a moment of pure pleasure. Available in a convenient travel size.

6) Alfred Lane Solid Cologne:  This stuff is super convenient, and great for travel. Small enough to carry everywhere you go. It smells great and is made from all-natural ingredients that also moisturize your skin. Refresh your scent while on the go. At the airport, in the cab, etc. 

7) Ursa Major Face Wipes - Great for you frequent travelers. They offer 4-1 face care: Clean, exfoliate, sooth and hydrate. Going camping? Consider these individually wrapped wipes a must-have.

8) Baxter of California Face Wash: Come on guys. You gotta do it.  Keep wrinkles at bay, and keep those boyish looks. New to facial care? Watch this:

9) Ursa Major Daily Defense Face Lotion: Repairs and protects, all in one. This stuff fights aging by shielding your skin from the sun, and we all know how important that is. Made from all-natural ingredients.

10) Duke Cannon Hair Wash: Engineered with superior grade ingredients. Like all those natural ingredients we keep talking about. Including Tea Tree Oil.. and Menthol, to help kick start your day. From Duke himself, "this hair wash is for men of higher taste, not clowns."

11) Jack Henry OG Pomade: It's organic. And made from only 3 ingredients: beeswax, coconut oil, and lavendar essential oil. Works on all hair types, and provides an all-day natural looking hold with a matte finish. For you laid back types.


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