How to Care for Your Blue

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All of our products are proudly made in Minnesota using only the finest materials available. Each item is thoroughly designed with the hope it will be your favored travel companion for decades to come.

As our bags age, they will take on a warm patina that's unique to each owner. Even so, there are things you can do to maximize the life of your bag or dopp kit. Dust it periodically with a dry cloth to remove residual particulates and prevent dirt from building up. Never use harsh cleaners or solvents as they could abrade the topcoat, or the finish of the leather or canvas. Use only material specific cleaners like conditioners or waxes and always test on a small area before use. We highly recommend using something with all natural ingredients, like Armstrong's All Natural.

Keep products out of direct sunlight for long periods of time, and store your product in a dust bag when not in use.

Lastly, travel often and always carry the claw.


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Blue Claw Travel Tip #4

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#4 - Forget your shoe horn? Don't worry, grab a belt. Use the tip of your belt, just as you would a shoe horn by placing the rough side facing the heal of your shoe and the smooth (or finished side) facing the heal of your foot. What you do next is obvious. Works like a charm!

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FOALS - Mountain At My Gates

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Blue Claw Travel Tip #3

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Packing your socks inside your shoes will not only save room in your bag, but it also helps your shoes retain their shape when traveling.

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The Blue Claw Crab

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A majestic looking critter, isn't it? 

The Blue Claw Crab, Chesapeake Bay


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