The Ditty Bag, It's An Essential

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If you're looking for packing efficiency, look no further than the navy. More specifically, the ditty bag. The ditty bag has been around for a long time. First issued to navy sailors, its existence dates back to the 18th century. Basically, it was a large canvas bag designed to store spare clothing and supplies. And with just one main compartment, efficient packing was critical-- as you will see in the below images. Extended time at sea and tight living quarters meant that each sailer was restrained to only the essentials. So properly packing your bag meant more available space for things like letters from home, souvenirs, etc.. 

Packing your ditty bag. Traveling.

The term ditty bag has since become associated with small pouches and/or dopp kits. A pack that is often used to keep smaller items together, yet still be stored within a larger day pack or weekender bag. This may include hunting supplies, grooming supplies, etc. 

Why is it called a ditty bag? We don't know for sure. One idea references the word "ditto," and the fact that each sailor's ditty bag would include a spare set of clothing.

How to pack a ditty bag

But one thing we know for sure is that the ditty bag is a "go-to." Whether for a long weekend, or an extended adventure. Whether as your main bag, a second bag, or as a dopp kit/catch all. We've never been a fan of over packing, yet we always strive to have everything we need. The ditty bag offers an acceptable compartment for storage, while forcing you to only bring those items you'll actually need and use.

At Blue Claw, we are working on a ditty bag that is sure to become a weekend favorite. In the meantime, check out our dopp kits (ditty bags... AWOL bags, etc).

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Travel Playlist: Made in Tennessee

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Music to listen to while you travel: Made in Tennessee

Traveling to Tennessee? Check out this playlist-- a compilation of Tennessee made music. Musicians that were born there, or bands that were formed there. Get out there and explore the sites to be seen, but also explore the music that has helped define the Volunteer State. And get some hot chicken while you're at it!

You wouldn't forget your toothbrush! Equally, you shouldn't forget a good playlist.

1) Aretha Franklin -- Think

2) Chet Atkins -- Jam Man

3) Dolly Parton -- Joleyne

4) Justin Timberlake -- Can't Stop the Feeling

5) Kenny Chesney -- All the Pretty Girls

6) Miley Cyrus -- Malibu

7) Roseanne Cash --Seven Year Ache

8) Tina Turner -- What's Love Got to Do with It

9) Kings of Leon -- Walls

10) Lady Antibellum -- Need You Now

11) Diamond Rio -- Meet in the Middle

12) Justin Townes Earle -- Harlem River Blues

13) Dustin Lynch -- Small Town Boy

14) Lorrie Morgan -- Except for Monday

15) Kelsea Ballerini -- Peter Pan

16) Chet Atkins -- Poor Boy Blues

17) Rosanne Cash -- Tennessee Flat Top Box

18) Tina Turner -- Proud Mary

19) Justin Townes Earle -- Lone Pine Hill

20) Aretha Franklin -- Son of a Preacher Man

21) Kings of Leon -- Around the World

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Blue Claw Travel Tip #10

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#10 - Use your belt to help maintain the stiffness and integrity of the collar on your button up shirt while it's packed in your suitcase or weekender bag. First, make sure the shirt is properly folded and buttoned up entirely (top button included). Take the belt you plan to pack and roll it up in such a way that it fits perfectly within the neck hole of your button up shirt. Once in place, allow the belt to un-coil naturally, allowing a small amount of outward pressure on the collar of your shirt which will help maintain collar stiffness. Having the belt in place will also help prevent the collar from being flattened if pressed between the other items in your suitcase, thus reducing wrinkles.

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What is Ballistic Nylon you Ask?

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Ballistic nylon is one of the strongest and most durable materials around. And that's why it was our top choice when it came to developing the Worton Weekender Duffel Bag. More specifically, the Worton Weekender is made from military spec 1050 D ballistic nylon. 

Ballistic nylon was originally developed during WWII in an attempt to create a fabric that would help protect airmen from shrapnel and other debris that were the result of gunfire, artillery shell explosions, and other ballistic impacts (hence the name). The material was used in developing the "flak jacket." Think bulletproof vests. Unfortunately, it was quickly realized that the material failed to accomplish its goal. Sure it provided a certain level of protection, but it failed to stop heavy artillery. Like close encounter impacts, and/or bullets fired directly from a pistol or rifle. Kevlar became a more reliable material for stopping such forms of direct fire.

Nowadays, ballistic nylon is most often used in luggage and other heavy duty bags requiring an added level of protection from external threats. You'll also see it used in motorcycle jackets, tool belts, watch bands, and more.

So what makes it so strong? Ballistic nylon is made using a very tight knit "ballistic weave." This is a basket weave pattern that is tear resistant in all directions. Additionally, the large thread denier makes it resistant to abrasion. 

Ballistic Nylon Basket Weave for Luggage, Made in USA

To sum it up, your ballistic nylon weekender bag isn't going to stop a bullet. So don't even think about trying it! But it is going to stand up to almost any level of everyday wear and tear you can throw at it. If you're looking for a bag made from one of the most durable fabrics in the world, look no further.


As always-- travel often, and thanks for carrying the claw.


Things To Pack for Every Vacation

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Packing for a trip requires careful planning. Sure each vacation brings different needs in terms of what to pack. But, every vacation also requires a short-list of essentials-- items that will be needed no matter where you might be traveling. Use this list as a foundation. Then, add in those items specific to the trip you are taking.


    -Contact lenses and/or glasses: if you wear them
    -Hat: season appropriate
    -Swimsuit: there's always a place to get wet
    -A small day pack/back pack
    -Socks: trip specific
    -Attire: trip specific
    -Shoes: trip specific (make sure to bring a pair of shoes you can comfortably wear all day)
    -Belt: one that is versatile, and works with pants, shorts/ and or dress slacks
    -Light Jacket or Fleece


      -Camera: if your phone camera alone isn't enough
      -Batteries/chargers: for all electronic devices


        -Hair product
        -Brush or comb
        -Contact solution/case
        -Antibacterial wipes
        -Lotion: something effective in treating sunburn
        -Bug spray
        -Fingernail clippers
        -Small pocket knife or multi-purpose tool
        -Lip balm
        -Necessary prescriptions
        -First Aid Kit: band aids and pain killers are a must
        -Dopp kit: keep your toiletries organized and separated from your clothing


          -Printed copy of your itinerary and reservations: in case your phone dies while traveling
          -Contact list: more than likely on your phone, if not, print it
          -Passport: if your trip requires it
          -Drivers license
          -ATM/cash/travelers checks
          -Travel journal and pen: at some point, you're going want to take note
          -Duct tape
          -Water bottle
          -Healthy snacks: peanuts, trail mix, etc.
          -Bottle opener/cork

          When packing your clothes, keep comfort in mind. Traveling in the summer? Pack something for cooler temps. Traveling in the winter? Pack something for warmer tempts. The weather can be unpredictable! Quick-dry apparel is always a good choice.

          As always-- travel often, and thanks for #carryingtheclaw.




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