Must-Have Style Picks for Spring!

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Pumped our Bronson Weekender was chosen as Ian Michael Crumm's top style pick in Philly Style Magazine's article-- "Philly's Style Influencers Share the Must-Have Pieces for Spring." Read more HERE.

Top fashion picks for Spring 2017 style

Ian Michael Crumm is a Style Expert & Founder of


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Explore More - New York City

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Take 15 minutes of your day, someday, and stand right here. Explore more and travel to the lesser known destinations. Like the Flatiron building in NYC.

Flat Iron Building, New York City - Explore MoreSave


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Travel Playlist: Beck - Wow

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Blue Claw Travel Tip #5

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#5 - An important travel tip from us to you is, always be aware of your surroundings! Check out the below article posted by Forbes. It's a few years old, but we think it's one of the more thorough reads when it comes to protecting yourself from theft. Traveling domestically? Probably less of a concern. But that doesn't mean you should let your guard down. Make it a best practice to always be aware of your surroundings! Now, if your destination is someplace overseas, you better be on the offense. This article tells you how to be vigilant, how to spot the characteristics of a pick pocket, and even the rules to protect yourself from becoming a victim. It's well worth the time to read.

How to Protect Yourself Form Pickpockets and Thieves When You Travel


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How to Fold a Pair of Dress Pants

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No matter where your travels may take you, chances are you'll need a good pair of dress slacks. Business events, weddings, formal nights out, etc. Well guess what, properly folding your dress pants will not only save space in your luggage, it will save time once you get to your destination. So, you have no excuse for leaving them behind.

How to fold a pair of dress slacks, Blue Claw Co

Here's how:

1. Lay your pants flat on a bed or table, front facing up. Pinch the pants at the waste line directly above each pleat, or center of the pant leg. Pull the pinch points together forcing the zipper to fold inward towards the center of the pant. Pinch these two points together with one hand while you do the same thing to the back side. While holding these pinch points, give them a few shakes making sure everything is in line.

2. Press the two outer sides together creating a nice flat fold, making sure everything is lined up all the way down to the bottom cuff.

3. Fold in half.

4. Fold in half again.

That's it. Always pack between other articles of clothing to avoid shifting within your bag.

Travel on!



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