Thank You Veterans!

Thank You Veterans!

Thank You Veterans!

We hold a strong admiration for all those who have served -- and we are forever grateful to you!  In addition to our sincerest "thank you,"  we are now officially offering a 15% military discount to all past and present military members.

We love this country, and we love American Made! 

Since launching, we've shipped many orders with an APO/FPO address, and to be honest, few things make us happier.  We've also seen orders designated as gifts for military members, both deployed and soon to be deployed.  And we've seen orders for groomsmen gifts as part of military weddings.  We've conducted promotions that for every USA dopp kit we sell, one gets sent to a deployed service member.  Well, it's time we start officially offering a military discount.  Below are a few notes we've received from our customers:  

"My husband is a retired Coast Guard and Army pilot and is still using the same dopp kit from his time in the military, which has seen its better days.  I did extensive research and your Dopp Kit was rated as the best buy.  Thanks again for being so kind. Merry Christmas!"

"I love your products and was wondering if you all offer any military discounts.  I'm looking to buy some travel items for my military wedding and any little bit helps.  Thanks so much for your time and assistance."

"Hi!  I learned about your company through Bespoke Post.  I've gotten your gym bag and your dopp kit.  LOVE them both.  I've been in the US Navy for 18 1/2 years now and after reading about the USA Dopp Kit for the Donald Cook, I just wanted to say thank you for doing that!  It's amazing to see companies do things like this for the military.  I'm now a lifelong fan of Blue Claw!  Keep up the great work and amazing products.  After doing 7 deployments onboard ships, I know exactly how much those kits will mean to those sailors!  Cheers"

"I joined the military in 2008 and have traveled quite a bit since.  I have to say that no luggage held up during travel quite like a Navy Seabag.  It was the most versatile luggage I've ever had.  That is until using your products.  Plus, they look quite a bit nicer.  I believe your company is setting a precedent for high end products that scale to any customer." 

We've worked with to create a seamless process to obtain your discount during checkout.  Once in the cart, click the "verify me with" and follow the steps.  This will require you to enter your military ID.  Upon success, you will be provided the discount code.

We look forward to continuing to support our Veterans (past, present and future),

Blue Claw Co   

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