Walking Around Checkin' Stuff Out

“It’s the little things, not necessarily the big, obvious, important things. Life is full of mostly mundane moments, but there are very interesting things at any time if you just open your eyes.”

~Robb Burnham

For this lookbook, we let Robb Burnham take over. Robb is the artist responsible for the acronym WACSO (pronounced Walk-SO). WACSO stands for Walkin’ Around Checkin’ Stuff Out and is all about getting out there and finding cool stuff, wherever and whatever it is...from old dive bars, to fancy restaurants, to cool old buildings, cool old people and cool old dogs. WACSO isn’t just an artist name (or acronym)...it’s a belief, a way of life.

Blue Claw was lucky enough to join Robb on some of his WACSO adventures (results below). And we think it is just about the coolest thing we've done/seen in while.

Phoenix Lunch Tote

The newest addition to the Blue Claw family. This lunch tote was born to WACSO. No need to skip lunch, rather, bring it with you. Find the perfect bench with a view, eat up, and see what you see. Better yet, see who you can meet! Pigeons count.

Menara Zip Pouch

Try this little game sometime: “you tell me, what am i drinking?” In return you might get a can of Coors Light, or the best old fashioned you’ve ever had. Nothing beats finding an old bar with a bartender that knows a thing or two about a thing or two-- and that likes a challenge. These are the places I like to pass an evening, or an afternoon for that matter. All of my best thinking happens in places like this. Funny how that works.

SEEN HERE:  Menara Zip Pouch paired with our portfolio (coming soon)

Market Tote

Hitting up a farmers market and scoring a tote full of summer goodness to satisfy lunch plans. But, wait...what is this? The perfect alley bar? Looks like I’ll be making dinner instead. What good is a plan if you can’t break it? I’m all for walking around checkin’ stuff out, but sometimes you just gotta sit around checkin’ stuff out.

SEEN HERE:  Market Tote

Frankfurt Field Brief

Nothing is as satisfying as finding the perfect quiet table in a dark bar. One with a view of all that’s happening, but one where you can hide. Get some peace and quiet. Think. Have a drink. Write down the days thoughts. Clear your head and actually get down to getting real work done...not the kind of “work” that happens in meetings...actual work, the work that requires real thought, ideas, perspective. Pull out your favorite notebook and wait for the inspiration to hit. If it doesn’t hit here, you better check your pulse.

SEEN HERE:  Frankfurt Field Brief

Duck Island Dopp Kit

Gotta love hotel bathrooms. Well, good hotel bathrooms. It’s always worth dropping the extra bucks to stay at a nice place. I love the historic hotels...the tiled walls, the heavy porcelain sinks and ornate lighting. Proof they don’t make things like they used to. While this dopp is proof some folks still do.

SEEN HERE:  Duck Island Dopp Kit

Gooseneck Garment Bag

The Porter. These are the guys you want to know. They can point you in the direction of a dark bar serving killer cocktails. They can point you in the direction of the best food...not the tourist traps...the good stuff, what the locals eat. Need a cab?...need a car?...need someone to watch over your bags, score you tickets to the show? This is your man. Tip him well.

SEEN HERE:  Gooseneck Garment Bag, Bronson Weekender

Worton Weekender

No plans? Just hop a plane, or take a drive, doesn’t matter where, just go. What’s stopping you? Go somewhere like...Cleveland. Cleveland?!? Yeah, Cleveland. I know...no one ever bragged about their trip to Cleveland. But you know what?...they’re doing it wrong. There’s cool stuff to find no matter where you go. There’s nothing like the feeling of checking in to a hotel and the concierge asking: “what brings you to town?” “I have no idea, but I’ll know when I find it.” And for the record, Cleveland is an amazing town with seriously cool stuff...you just gotta find it.

SEEN HERE:  Worton Weekender

The Collection

Loading up the international harvester scout for a weekend getaway. I saw that they are bringing back the Ford Bronco. Looks nice...a lot like the old bronco. But nothing beats the patina and soul of an old truck. Kind of like a good bag...the older it gets, the more stories it has to tell, and the better it looks.

SEEN HERE:  Market Tote, Worton Weekender, Frankfurt Field Brief

Blue Claw bags were made to #WACSO. Get out there and find your own inspiration by exploring new AND familiar places. Discover what makes a place cool. Find its soul. Once you do, share your photos using the hashtag #WACSO and tag @BlueClawCo. You might just hear from us.