Product Repair

Repair Policy & Services


At Blue Claw, we stand by our products. This means that we look at each repair issue on a case by case basis. If it's deemed that the repair is a result of poor craftsmanship or manufacturing defect, we’ll take every effort possible to fix the issue free of charge. If the repair is due to normal wear and tear, or misuse and abuse, or lack of proper care and treatment, we’re happy to fix the issue at a reasonable cost to you.  Unfortunately, zippers and most hardware malfunctions are not considered manufacturing defects (see the below list for other items not falling under the umbrella of “manufacturing defect”).  However, if you have a zipper malfunction or problem, please simply email us for available options and next steps.  We want your bag to be back in action as soon as possible and will do our best to figure out a simple repair solution at a reasonable cost and with quick turnaround!  Since we’d rather our products remain in circulation vs. ending up in a landfill, we'll do everything we can to make this happen.

For all repairs (whether a manufacturing defect or not), we will always first attempt to repair your product back to its original quality.  Please note, repairs are subject to the availability of parts and materials. We will do our best to achieve an exact match, but there is NO guarantee your repaired product will look exactly how it did prior to the repair. If under any circumstance we determine a product to be un-repairable, or if the cost of the repair exceeds the cost of a new one, we will notify you with additional options. 

**Manufacturing defects include stitching and assembly.

**Hardware defects include malfunctioning zippers, snaps, d-rings, buckles, and other hardware used during the manufacturing process.

Items not considered manufacturing defect:

  1. Damage through normal wear and tear
  2. Damage due to product abuse
  3. Damage that occurs outside of the product’s intended use
  4. Damage that occurs due to disregard for product care recommendations
  5. Damage that occurs due to 3rd party repairs or alterations not originally approved by Blue Claw
  6. Damage that occurs due to mishandling by airlines or 3rd party shipping companies
  7. Damage that occurs due to any and all animals
  8. Damage to Blue Claw products not purchased through an authorized retailer

Although we don’t cover damages due to the reasons listed above, we're still happy to repair your item at a reasonable charge; but obviously that depends on the type of repair needed. You can be assured that before we start any work, we will obtain your approval based on the estimated cost and time to repair.

To start a repair request, please email and include your full name, order number if you have it, place of purchase, estimated date of purchase and a brief description of the repair needed. Customers are responsible for shipping.

For general returns and exchanges not concerning repair, please view our FAQ Page.

**If you purchased your Blue Claw product from one of our retailers, or some other venue, please contact them first. Some have their own return policy, others may refer you back to us. In either case, they should be made aware of the issue.