Meet The Menara Gridwax Zip Pouch!

Meet The Menara Gridwax Zip Pouch!

Meet The Menara Gridwax Zip Pouch!

Meet the Menara Gridwax Zip Pouch.  Probably one of the more versatile travel accessories you'll find.  And also one of the simplest.  When traveling, you want quick access to your important things.  And you certainly DON'T want to lose track of them.  Load this pouch with those exact items: keys, wallet, passport, loose bills, id, boarding pass, headphones, etc.  Then, throw it in your carry-on/weekender and never lose track of where you put your important belongings.  Even once you've reached your destination, keep it packed, then just grab and go as needed.

When you get to the security checkpoint, you'll be prepared to just place the whole pouch into the bin.  Rather than unloading your pockets in complete disarray.  Save time while keeping your things safe and secure. 

Once on the plane, throw your bag in the overhead compartment and only hang on to the pouch, which already has everything you'll need for the ride.  Money for drinks, headphones, smartphone, connecting flight boarding pass, etc.

Menara International Airport and Travel Pouch

What's in the name?

The Menara Grid Pouch is named after the Menara International Airport (located in Morocco) which is known for being efficient.  Like this pouch.  Just the right size for your important carry items, making it easy to stay organized when on the go. 

The Menara International Airport is a sight to be seen.  With a giant honeycomb-like structure, sunlight is cast throughout the windows creating a unique array of shadows on the inside.  It's like nothing you've seen before.  You'll get through the airport fast, but you might just want to take your time and enjoy the surroundings.

This pouch is perfect for headphones, cell phone, keys, wallet, chargers, etc.  And a great sidekick to any weekender/carry-on.  It is made using waxed canvas making it resistant to water, and to abrasions.  It is designed to be tossed around.  And it looks great, with a domestically sourced leather pull tabs for easy opening and a solid brass YKK zipper. 

For you frequent travelers, the Menara Grid Pouch is a necessity.  And also, for those of you just looking to add another layer of organization to your life.



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