How to Fold a Suit Jacket

How to Fold a Suit Jacket

A garment bag (or weekender) can only hold so much. Don’t leave that extra suit jacket or sport coat at home just because it doesn’t fit in your bag. This folding method will save you space while protecting your suit jackets, sport coats, and blazers from travel wrinkles-- ultimately saving you time and money while you’re away on your trip.

How to fold a suit jacket

  1. Start with your jacket laying flat. Unbuttoned.
  2. Hold the left shoulder and pull it inside of the jacket, inverting the shoulder. Do not pull the sleeve through the armhole.
  3. Fold the shoulder, which should now be inverted inside the jacket, around to the back, aligning the lapel with the center of the back of the jacket.
  4. Take the right side of the jacket, which should be unmoved at this point in the process, by the shoulder and pull it around to the back of the jacket. Tuck the shoulder and sleeve into the inverted half, leaving only the jacket lining exposed.
  5. For the final step, take the bottom of the jacket and fold it up to match up with the collar.

Easy as that.

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