How To Rewax Your Blue (Canvas)

How To Rewax Your Blue (Canvas)

Waxed cotton has many benefits; it's water repellent and abrasion resistant, all while providing an additional layer of durability-- especially useful for the active traveler. Use wax finished products while roughing the outdoors, hunting, fishing, traveling, working, and more. Or simply enjoy the look and feel of a waxed canvas bag that has aged to perfection, all while developing a look and feel that is absolutely unique to the journeys it has been on.

But... in order to uphold the effectiveness of your waxed products, a little maintenance is required (otherwise known as reproofing). This can include a simple touch-up, or a complete re-wax.

Here's how:

1) Plan to re-wax in temperatures that are moderate to warm. This ensures your bag is at a naturally warm temperature, while the wax is pliable and easy to apply.

2) Clean the product thoroughly. Use a clean cloth to wipe away all dirt and debris. Try to lift any stains by blotting. Use clean water only! No soaps, detergents or other chemicals! 

3) Apply wax using your bare hands, or cloth. Apply generous amounts using a circular motion. Make sure you work it into the material, forcing the wax deep into the fabric. Give added treatment to those areas requiring extra protection: seams, joints, creases, and any areas showing greater wear and tear.

We recommend Armstrong's All Natural Canvas Wax.

4) Next, gently warm the applied wax allowing it to further seep into the material. Either hang the freshly refinished product in direct sunlight for a couple of hours, or use a hair dryer. This allows the wax to further penetrate the material and will result in a more even finish.

5) Store in a warm place and let dry for 24 hours. Do not store near an open flame!

Re-wax as needed.

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