Ping-Pong Bar Review: SPiN Standard

Ping-Pong Bar Review: SPiN Standard

Spin Standard Paddle Room Los Angelas CA

SPiN Standard (Paddle Room) is not your average LA club. It's an eclectic bar, renowned restaurant, and ping pong lover's heaven all in one. Like its sister in NYC, SPiN Standard offers a variety of table tennis options, as well as a unique club setting. When you're done showing off your backspin and drop shop, you can get a drink like the Spinlini, then wash it down with some Cheddar and Mac cheese balls. This fun and youthful hangout is perfect for people looking for a little competitive ping pong while enjoying some drinks, food, and a spectacular view of the city. Beginners welcome too! Photo Cred: Spin Standard.



550 South Flower Street

Los Angeles, CA 90060

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