Things To Pack for Every Vacation

Things To Pack for Every Vacation

Packing for a trip requires careful planning. Sure each vacation brings different needs in terms of what to pack. But, every vacation also requires a short-list of essentials-- items that will be needed no matter where you might be traveling. Use this list as a foundation. Then, add in those items specific to the trip you are taking.


    -Contact lenses and/or glasses: if you wear them
    -Hat: season appropriate
    -Swimsuit: there's always a place to get wet
    -A small day pack/back pack
    -Socks: trip specific
    -Attire: trip specific
    -Shoes: trip specific (make sure to bring a pair of shoes you can comfortably wear all day)
    -Belt: one that is versatile, and works with pants, shorts/ and or dress slacks
    -Light Jacket or Fleece


      -Camera: if your phone camera alone isn't enough
      -Batteries/chargers: for all electronic devices


        -Hair product
        -Brush or comb
        -Contact solution/case
        -Antibacterial wipes
        -Lotion: something effective in treating sunburn
        -Bug spray
        -Fingernail clippers
        -Small pocket knife or multi-purpose tool
        -Lip balm
        -Necessary prescriptions
        -First Aid Kit: band aids and pain killers are a must
        -Dopp kit: keep your toiletries organized and separated from your clothing


          -Printed copy of your itinerary and reservations: in case your phone dies while traveling
          -Contact list: more than likely on your phone, if not, print it
          -Passport: if your trip requires it
          -Drivers license
          -ATM/cash/travelers checks
          -Travel journal and pen: at some point, you're going want to take note
          -Duct tape
          -Water bottle
          -Healthy snacks: peanuts, trail mix, etc.
          -Bottle opener/cork

          When packing your clothes, keep comfort in mind. Traveling in the summer? Pack something for cooler temps. Traveling in the winter? Pack something for warmer tempts. The weather can be unpredictable! Quick-dry apparel is always a good choice.

          As always-- travel often, and thanks for #carryingtheclaw.




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