Tips for: the Domestic Traveler

Tips for: the Domestic Traveler

Tips for the Domestic Traveler


  • Liquids. Make sure that you have read the TSA’s policies on liquids when carrying on. The general rule is under 3.4 ounces in a clear plastic bag. 
  • Pre-Check. It’s something we often times dismiss. It’s usually worth the extra cash.
  • Avoid checking your luggage. If you don’t check it, you can’t lose it. If you must check it, take a picture of the luggage receipt in case you misplace your boarding documents.

While Boarding and on Board:

  • Easy access. Make sure any items you are going to want/need are somewhere you can access them quickly and easily. Keeping a book or note tablet close can be a good idea.
  • No booze. Sorry.
  • Hydrate. Bring a refillable water bottle (one with a filter is a huge plus) while traveling. Make sure it is empty while going through security. Once you’re through, you can fill it up at any water fountain. This is also great to have in your hotel room and saves plastic water bottles.

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