What is 420 Denier? Why Do We Use It?

What is 420 Denier? Why Do We Use It?

What is 420 Denier? Why Do We Use It?

420 Denier Liner in Dopp Kit Made in USA

You've probably heard us make mention of 420 Denier when talking about our dopp kits. But why, what's the big deal? And why do we even use it to begin with? Answer: because the fabric was originally developed for military use in parachute backpacks. You know, the backpack that a parachute goes into-- that the troops relied on to safely return them to the ground having jumped from a airplane. Used because of it's lightweight characteristics, durability and smoothness in texture (which prevented hang ups, snags, etc). All of which are characteristic also important when lining a dopp kit.

There's more to consider... But lets get technical for a moment. Denier is defined as the weight in grams of 9000 meters of nylon fiber. Coated in polyurethane it's also water repellent, as well as mildew resistant. Vitally important characteristics when used in a dopp kit. Basically speaking, if you’re looking for a water repellent fabric, 420 Denier just might be your solution. Especially when talking about bags and luggage. We think it's the perfect solution when talking about dopp kits.

420 Denier Liner, Dopp Kits Made in USA 

A few other reasons we like about 420 Denier:

-High resistance to abrasions
-Hight resistance to tears
-Low shrinkage and stretch
-Minimal fading

 Most important-- it comes in our signature blue.


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